Vicarage Road

Full Name: Vicarage Road
Nicknames: The Vic
Capacity: 21,977
City/State: London, LN
Nation: England England
National Stadium: No
Clubs: Watford
Vicarage Road
Capacity: 21,977
Status: Open
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Vicarage Road
Vicarage Road
"The Big Smoke"
  • London skyline
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Stonehenge
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Notting Hill Carnival
London skyline
London skyline
London is where English tradition & modern eclectic urbanism collide. A blend of history, culture, trade, politics, architecture & immigration has created an ever evolving city. From pubs to palaces, history to hip, chivalry to chic - London is all.
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace has been the official town residence of the British monarch since 1837. Its interior is open to the public during August & September while the Queen vacations. The ceremonial Changing of the Guard takes place outside.
Stonehenge is a prehistoric, mysterious circle of upright stones in southern England constructed 5000 years ago. The stones are aligned almost perfectly with the sunrise on the summer solstice. It is thought to be a sacred place of ancient worship.
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
More a historical than a religious site, Westminster Abbey has held almost every royal coronation since 1066. 3000+ notabale politicians, sovereigns & artists are buried here including QEI, King Henry V, Darwin, Newton & Chaucer.
Notting Hill Carnival
Notting Hill Carnival
An annual 3 day carnival in late August held on the streets of Notting Hill. Its the 2nd largest street festival in the world, with a million people celebrating London's modern multi-cultural identity with a decidedly Caribbean & Trinidadian flavor.
Watford Manchester City Premier League Vicarage Road
Watford (London), ENG
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