Grünwalder Stadion

Full Name: Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße
Nicknames: Sechzger Stadion, Grünwalder
Capacity: 10,240
City/State: Munich, BY
Nation: Germany Germany
National Stadium: No
Grünwalder Stadion
Capacity: 10,240
Status: Open
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Grünwalder Stadion
Grünwalder Stadion
"The World City with Heart"
  • Frauenkirche & Marienplatz
  • Oktoberfest beer girl at Hofbrauhaus
  • Weisswurst, sweet mustard & pretzel
Frauenkirche & Marienplatz
Frauenkirche & Marienplatz
Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is an artistic city with Eastern flare and a terrific cultural scene. The city suffered no bombing during WWII so its architecture is intact from the 1800s, and its no wonder that its beauty enchants so many visitors.
Oktoberfest beer girl at Hofbrauhaus
Oktoberfest beer girl at Hofbrauhaus
Oktoberfest is the world-famous 16-day festival held in Munich every late September to early October. Begun in 1810 as a royal wedding celebration its now the largest fair in the world with tons of traditional Bavarian beer, food, music and culture.
Weisswurst, sweet mustard & pretzel
Weisswurst, sweet mustard & pretzel
Weißwürste (white sausage) is a Bavarian speciality made from finely minced veal and fresh pork bacon. Its traditionally eaten before noon and often served with sweet mustard, freshly baked pretzels (Brezen) and Weißbier (wheat beer).
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