Earn money or free trips World Football Travel tries to help everyone go on the football trips of their dreams. But we are real people and we understand that sometimes it is financially difficult if not impossible to make that happen. So we do our best to help fans by offering not only flexible payment plans and budget options, but by offering an alternative means of funding trips. Basically if you help us sell travel packages we will help you either get your trip for free, lesson the price or simply earn cash. You help us, so we help you.

It breaks down this way. You get 5% of the price of the packages that you help refer to us that are paid-in-full (IE: if you help sell 2 packages worth $2500 each for a total of $5000 you get $250). You can take that commission as cash or lower the price of your trip. If you get 20 or more packages sold you get a FREE TRIP based on the average price of the packages sold! If you get 40 packages sold, 2 free trips, 60 packages 3 free trips and so on.

Independent Sales: This is generally for small referrals of a few people, which typically are colleagues, friends and family. More often this is best for fans looking to lower their package prices a little or earning a few extra bucks. This is also the solution for you, if you want to be hands-off and don't want to help organize a group before or during a trip. Email here for questions or to get started.

Group Organizers: Groups can consist of; your group of friends, a club you coach or play for, supporter's club, work buddies, organization, school, place of worship, social club, etc. This is typically for fans that want their trip for free and have sizable enough groups (20+) that they earn themselves a free trip. Since Group Organizers usually know their groups they've referred and will be one of the members of the group attending, we ask them to help us organize the groups pre-trip and during the trip. Email here for questions or to get started.

Gateway Organizers: This is the same as Group Organizers, but differs because the referrer might not know the people whom they refer very well and the clients are all coming from one single city/region to the destination city. Email here for questions or to get started.

Travel Agents: Click here.

Rules & Restrictions:

  • The referred clients must agree that they have been referred by you to us as clients before they place an order with us.
  • Commissions we offer can only be paid once the clients' package is paid-in-full.
  • Free trips of 20 or more are based on the average price of the clients' packages. In other words if you help us sell 20 packages at $3000 each we can give you a package worth $3000 for free.
  • We ask Group Organizers to help us organize and chaperone the groups in which they've referred since they generally know the members.
  • This offer is only valid with the expressed written consent of World Football Travel.
  • All of the clients referred and the referrer must abide by all of our Terms and Conditions.
  • This offer may not be applicable to all packages sold and only is valid while supplies last.
  • We reserve the right to change or cancel this referral policy at any time.
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