Tourism Agencies As the sole worldwide sport, football gives the opportunity for millions of fans to become potential tourists to your locale. Whether you are a city, regional or national Travel Bureau or Convention & Visitors Bureau, we'd love to work with you to help bring our clients to your proud borders.

Our clients are from every nation and walk-of-life in the world so they literally represent the full-gamut of demographic spectrums, from large groups of football-loving supporters following their beloved club or nation to CEOs of major corporations seeking hospitality and conducting negotiations with your local businesses. Their potential for positive economic impact to your constituency is significant and shouldn't be taken for granted.

The World Cup is the best way to see the potential football can have for your inbound travel, economic success and positive public image:

  • The 2006 World Cup in Germany was a prime example of this power with: $200+ per day average tourist spending, 50,000 new jobs created, 18 million people at Fan-Fests, total worldwide TV viewership at 30 billion and 4.2 billion official webpage views. In a survey, 90% of foreigners who visited the World Cup said they felt welcome there and would recommend Germany as a holiday destination. "The World Cup marks an enormous gain in Germany's image, even if it's difficult to put an economic figure on this change in image, the economy as a whole will certainly benefit from it." the German economics minister, Michael Glos, said.
  • As seen in the co-hosted Japan/South Korea WC 2002, a nation's GDP will not only experience substantial gains in the hosting year, but will also show gains in the years following due to the pay-off of public and private investment in facilities and in infrastructure. Thru hosting, Japan was able to come back from recession and South Korea's world image and civic pride reached unprecedented levels.
  • When France hosted and won the World Cup in 98', consumer confidence spiked and the nation united under newfound national pride.
  • The city of Los Angeles alone received about $623 million directly into the metropolitan economy as a result of the games it hosted during the USA 1994 World Cup.

Football is played everywhere, all-year long, every year … so there are many opportunities for national and club matches to grow your tourism base. There is no better vehicle for receiving a consistent amount of inbound tourists to your community, especially if your travel, transportation, accommodation, stadia and football infrastructure are properly invested-in and modernized. We know that is not an easy ask of your organization; however it certainly helps encourage our clients and your potential visitors if they are up to international standards.

If you can help us locate and secure your premier accommodations, local ground transport & excursion suppliers, entertainment and provide us with valuable information as tools to unlock and understand more about your great community … we can guarantee we will help bring domestic and international football fans to your area.

Lets work together to boost your inbound tourism, email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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