Youth Travel Whether you're a coach, parent, team manager, chaperone or official of a youth football club, school team or university that wants to travel abroad to play, we can help. We'll ensure your trips are fun, enriching, safe, efficient, hassle-free and full of life-long memories for all the kids and adults involved. We can make your youth football trip simple and budget conscious or more elaborate and exotic, it's up to your per person budget, wishes and imagination. Eitherway, be rest assured that we'll make it memorable, fun and rewarding. We know sending children to play overseas can be a delicate issue for all involved, so we are meticulous about how we plan and execute the itinerary, logistics and matchplay.

Some of the services we offer for youth football travel packages include:

  • Group Organizer discounts
  • Tournament Entry Application & Setup
  • Group Hotel Accommodations
  • In-Hotel & Catered Meals
  • Ground Transfers (Airport, Matches, Tours)
  • Match Tickets to local professional football matches
  • Exercise & Training & Facility Rentals
  • Field, comparable caliber Opponent & Match Official procurement for Rec. Matches
  • Sightseeing City & Stadium Tours
  • Local Excursions
  • Local Tourguides & Translators
  • Private Parties & Celebrations
  • Guest Speaker procurement
  • Local Restaurant & Entertainment Reservations
  • Equipment & Luggage Shipping
  • Call-to-Home services
  • Personalized Tour Souvenirs (ex. Eagles FC - Italy Tour 2004)
  • Fundraising Ideas

World Football Travel offers travel packages for both the highly competitive youth club looking to test its skills against foreign opposition and for recreational teams looking to enjoy a culture-filled trip abroad with a match or two to boot. We can either help you attend an existing youth football tournament or help you custom design a more recreational and sightseeing tour for your kids.

If you have a competitive club looking to see how they stack-up internationally, there is no better way than entering into one of the many youth football tournaments outside of your nation. We consistently bring youth clubs to established football tournaments in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. There are many great tournaments to choose from that occur annually. We can help you choose the right one that fits your club's competitive level and creates a desirable destination for your group. If you're set on a specific tournament, no problem, we can help you square-away your travel arrangements and get your team situated with plans, so your trip and matches become stress-free so your players, parents and staff can relax and enjoy their football and environs. There are few things more memorable for a young footballer than to be able to be part of an Olympic-style Opening Ceremony in a tournament that they are representing club, city and country. The memories will long endure.

If you rather not play in a competitive tournament or your group is more focused on the tourism, cultural awareness and team-bonding components _ let one of the World Football Travel specialists help you design a custom tour that enriches both the players and adults traveling. You can hop a few borders domestically or you can traverse the oceans and explore exotic football locales. One of the aspects of being the worldwide sport, is that there really is no place the game isn't played, so it's a matter of figuring out where you want to go and what you want to do in addition to playing some recreational matches. It could be one city, region or nation or you may want to try to see a few nearby nations in 1-2 weeks of football fun, it's up to you. We will also help your team arrange its recreational matches by finding opponents that are as close to your competitive level as possible, hiring local officials and renting facilities.

You can even play in a tournament and tour, it basically boils down to your group's per person budget and objectives. The beauty of World Football Travel is that we either take your idea and run with it or we work in tandem with clients giving our advice and experience, to design something specific to their unique needs and financial parameters.

To arrange your team's travel, email your ideas, budget and questions to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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