Group Travel One of the most popular forms of travel to see football matches and tournaments is by group. We understand completely. Sometimes it's just more fun to experience travel and football with company!

Whether it be your extended family for a unique family reunion or one-of-a-kind football wedding, fraternity, social club, senior center, religious congregation, neighbors, roommates, schoolmates, workmates, online football friends or otherwise, we can help your group. We've brought countless groups to the world's top football events and provided great additional services including: unique hotels with group rooming preferences, group excursions, city & stadium tours, group tourguides & translators, private parties, personal photographer/videographer & memorable souvenir CDs, personalized group tour souvenirs (ex. Bay Street EPL Tour 08'), recreational activities including football match setup and much more.

The great thing about being a group comes with the power of the numbers. The "more the merrier" really is "the more the cheaper" as far as traveling is concerned. In essence, the larger the group, the better the rates we can get from our suppliers, the better discounts we can pass on to your group. Clients sometimes opt for individual rather than group discounts, so World Football Travel also offers Group Organizers the chance to lower the cost of their trip or earn free trips by helping us organize their groups. This is the ultimate perk for a football lover and a terrific way to be rewarded for being the group leader.

We will strive to make things fun and laid back for your group so everyone enjoys the destination, the football and creates memories to last a lifetime.

To get your group travel arranged, email your specifics and questions to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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