Estadio Presidente Peron

Full Name: Estadio Juan Domingo Perón
Nicknames: El Monumental de Alta Córdoba
Capacity: 26,535
City/State: Cordoba, CB
Nation: Argentina Argentina
National Stadium: No
Estadio Presidente Peron
Capacity: 26,535
Status: Open
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Estadio Presidente Peron
Estadio Presidente Peron
Córdoba, the second largest city, is called the Heartland of Argentina for its location in the geographical center of the nation. It has many fine colonial era historical buildings and has done well to blend the past with the present.
In the past the city was affected by floods, so a small canal called La Cañada was created. Its walls capture the water and brings it along the main streets and in between buildings. This lovely canal has become a symbol of the city.
The city's nickname is 'Ciudad de las Campanas' (City of the Bells) because both Franciscans and Dominicans built many churches there. Iglesia Catedral, a splendid work of colonial American design, is now an national historic monument.
The Manzana Jesuítica (Jesuit Block) is a block of buildings from the 1600s and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It includes a cathedral whose altar is made of stone and silver, ornaments only of gold and a biblically painted ceiling.
In the city center is Plaza San Martín which orients the city. Exhibitions, fairs, and impromptu markets are frequent events at the square. El Cabildo stands on the plaza's west side and is the center of the city's civic activities.
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